A New Layer of Convenience

Bring maximum efficiency to your kitchen operation with our all-new WiFi and bluetooth 3.0 enabled POTAT.io potato peeler product. As the worldwide community of POTAT.io owners grows, we want to give back to our local community. But we'll need your help! For every potato peeler you buy, we'll donate a bag of potatoes to our local food pantry using the high margins we've built into the premium sales price of our potato peelers. Thank you!

To help keep up with ever growing development and maintenance costs of the next generation of potato peelers, we've introduced new tiered service offerings for our potato peelers that will ensure you're always operating with the latest new features. Simply connect your potato peeler via built-in wifi to your network to upgrade to the latest firmware straight from the cloud. You'll never need another potato peeler ever again.

We are excited to be on this journey with you, and look forward to you letting us into your kitchen. Our product roadmap for the next year is packed with new features and a few bug fixes, including the long-awaited Alexa voice integration. Thank you for believing in our vision and for making the world a better place, one peeled potato at a time.

POTAT.io [v2.7]

Auto Potato Reorder

Supports up to 2 Users

Waterproof Design

Bluetooth 3.0

Wi-Fi Enabled

Alexa Voice Integration

Free Software Updates

Wireless Charging

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